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Auto Shop Controller v. 12.5
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Auto Shop Controller
Desktop Edition v12.5

Learn all about the newest version of Auto Shop Controller, a leading inventory management and point-of-sale software system used by professional automotive repair shops from coast to coast.

A robust point-of-sale software system designed
solely for the automotive repair industry

Introducing the most efficient shop assistant you could ever ask for! Auto Shop Controller 12.5 boasts all of the same practical features found in previous releases, plus a whole lot more. Let's call it a complete "make-over" to the already impressive auto repair shop sales and inventory software you've come to know and trust.

Standard ASC features include:

  • Invoice printing
  • Credit card processing
  • Work order management
  • Vehicle service record management
  • Fast, detailed estimates
  • Inventory control
  • Employee management tools
  • Advanced security settings
  • CarFax Plate-Match
  • Unlimited VIN validation
  • Unlimited E-mail validation
  • Built-in ZIP & postal code databases
  • Automated service-due reminders
  • Toll-free technical support with zero hold times
  • Limited online personalized training
  • Desktop & online versions available
  • Seamless synchronization between desktop & online editions
  • Up to 4 users per account
  • and more...

Features such as credit card processing, CarFax options, security, and employee management have been dramatically improved, making it easier than ever for your vehicle repair shop to get the job done so you and your staff can focus on customer service and sales.

New and improved ASC version 12.5 features:

  • 100% User-friendly focused
  • Brand new look with visually enhanced tools & menus
  • Visually enhanced user interface & data entry
  • Advanced & updated security settings
  • Easier employee management tools
  • Fully integrated CarFax Service Link
  • Fully integrated Wheeoo social networking
  • Fully integrated credit card processing
  • Digital signature pad compatibility
  • Enhanced vehicle service record management
  • Better work order management
  • Faster, more detailed estimates
  • Enhanced inventory control & parts look-up
  • Now compatible with Microsoft Windows 8 OS
  • Now supports SSL E-mail services
  • Improved authentication for subscription users
  • Fast, simple upgrade

Extraordinarily User-Friendly

A sales and work order management system so user-friendly, you'll wonder how you ever ran your repair shop without ASC. Aside from the many bug fixes and minor tweaks to make ASC run smoother, faster and more efficiently, the user-interface advancements we've made to version 12.5 consist of major improvements which have been integrated based upon correspondence from our extensive customer-base.

"We value our customer's opinions and we've listened to your feedback.
This is why we're proud to call v12.5 the most user-friendly and
intuitive version of Auto Shop Controller we've ever released."

Better looking than ever

We've done so much more than just a typical wash & wax with version 12.5 ...

We've stripped her down and given her a full rebuild top to bottom, knocked out all the dents, and threw on a fresh coat of "beautiful."  You'll love the aesthetic appeal and professional style of the new look.

Enhanced toolbar with graphical menus

New toolbar and graphical menu for ASC version 12.5

The updated graphical menu on our enhanced toolbar ensures that you and your mechanics can easily identify with every single feature that our service shop software has to offer. The feature-full, yet functional and efficient simplicity of the new design will blow you away.

Brand new graphically enhanced drop-down menus

Newly update drop-down menus of ASC 12.5 provide better visuals and are easier to interact withThe newly updated and graphically enhanced drop-down menus in Auto Shop Controller 12.5 are vibrantly color coordinated and include recognizable icons to offer better and easier user interaction. Unlike boring, standard two-tone menus that require users to focus more, version 12.5 has been designed to increase proficiency by helping you get point of sale and inventory control tasks done faster and without straining your eyes.

We've also eliminated the cumbersome "fly-out" features that plagued the old drop-down menu style. Our designers have replaced the old drop-down/fly-out combination with direct links to critical operations, identifiable by the new graphical icons, saving you time when performing important tasks.

Saving you time and money while helping your automotive repair shop run smoothly and efficiently is what ASC 12.5 is all about.

Improved data entry metrics

We've had reports of users experiencing confusion and fatigue while performing data entry in previous versions of ASC. Users have commented that all of the fields begin looking the same after a long day of entering customer information and vehicle service data.

After considerable testing and a great deal of research & development, we identified the problem... Nothing stood out about the field being typed in, the entire data entry layouts were very plain and basic looking, and the font types were unclear and contrasted poorly.

We eliminated all of these issues in version 12.5.

Improved data entry features of ASC version 12.5

The new data entry fields really stand out. The active field turns yellow and the text is bolded, making it clear which field the user is working in. The overall style of the data entry pages have been cleaned up and are much easier to read.

Greatly enhanced security setup and management

Enhanced security settings of ASC version 12.5The security of your shop, inventory, sales data, reports, customers information, and your work order management is as important to us as it is to you.

To ensure that your repair business remains fully secure we have completely re-written the security interface in ASC 12.5.

We've eliminated the old Zero-to-99 format for setting security levels. The old format has been replaced with an advanced, yet simplified checklist that expands just like a standard Windows folder-tree, allowing you to specify "Access" or "No Access" to each critical function of the software, for each individual employee account.

Now you can easily customize all permissions for everyone who works in your auto shop.

Check out our Quick Start Guide for a slideshow introduction to employee account setup.

Simplified visual security

Enhanced security setting sample of ASC version 12.5The enhanced security of version 12.5 has been integrated with the new menu system offering clear visual indication of which features each user cannot access as specified in the employee security management setup.

In the screenshot shown, the user that is logged in does not have access to the 'Close Out' option. Notice the strike-through and the red lock on the right side.

Enhanced user account security

Users are now required to set a security question such as "Which high school did you attend?" in order to reset their password. Passwords are now e-mailed directly to the user when they are initially set up or in the event that they change.

Upgraded and fully integrated CarFax Service Link functionality

Welcome to the ASC/CarFax family

We've upgraded our partnership with CarFax to ensure that your automotive repair facility gets the most out of our service management software.

Vehicle repair shops participating in the CarFax Service Link program can now take full advantage of the integrated ASC services. On top of the CarFax Plate Match service we introduced in version 12, ASC users can now access CarFax vehicle maintenance records, providing more detailed information about the past services and history of each vehicle.

Integrated CarFax Service Link features of ASC version 12.5

  • Limited CarFax reports are now available directly from the ASC 12.5 work screen.
  • Reports show all repairs throughout each vehicle's history, from all repair shops.
  • No additional fees required to become a CarFax participating partner.

Wheeoo integration: Social media & networking for cars

Integrated Wheeoo social media & networking for cars now available to shops using ASC version 12.5

What if vehicles could talk?
Wheeoo allows automobiles to go social

Wheeoo is meant to connect all motorists through a fundamentally simple and relevant relationship, their automobiles. Millions of motorists, shop owners, vendors, and in large, the entire automotive industry can connect in one easy-to-find, easy-to-manage location.

Designed with trending social relativity in mind, motorists and non-motorists may easily connect to keep up with friends, those with similar cars and interests, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, get quotes on car related work and learn more about the people they meet.

  • Network - Car owners can network with like-minded car owners
  • Services - Automobile services are tracked by the Wheeoo system
  • Bids/Coupons - Bid car services and get deep-discounted service coupons
  • Service Management - Tracks last and next auto service, automatically
  • Insurance - Agents can quote and bid for owners insurance services

Learn more about the Wheeoo vehicle social networking concept

Newly upgraded and integrated credit card processing

Save $100 at checkout with the purchase of or upgrade to ASC version 12.5With Auto Shop Controller you can now authorize your credit card sales instantly!

Auto shops using ASC will no longer require a separate device for processing credit card transactions, eliminating the tedious and time consuming task of entering transaction data twice. The new integrated features make it simple... Just swipe your customers' card at the F9 screen of the shop management software and follow the on-screen instructions.

Save $100.00 & receive a FREE GIFT with *purchase or upgrade to v12.5

New customers and paid upgrades will save $100.00 at checkout and will receive a FREE credit card swiper, shipped directly to your shop at no cost to you *when you opt to use our integrated credit card processing capability.

Saving the planet, one receipt at a time,
with digital signature pad compatibility

ASC 12.5 has gone eco-friendly for the speed and organization of your repair shop as well as for the sake of our planet.

With version 12.5 there is no need to store and file all those credit card transaction receipts. Auto Shop Controller is now *compatible with digital signature pads. Digital signature pads will store all of your transaction signatures. In the event of a charge-back, you can quickly locate the correct invoice and re-print it, which will have the customer's signature digitally displayed.

*Use of a digital signature pad requires an account with Evo Merchant Services.

Need a digital signature pad with your
ASC 12.5 purchase or upgrade?

We've got you covered!

12645 signature capture pad compatible with ASC version 12.5

SignatureGem Electronic Backlit LCD Digital Signature Pad & Stylus

Now you'll no longer have to hold on to receipts: this digital signature pad makes it easy to retain customers' signatures for future reference. The SignatureGem LCD 4x3 signature pad is a versatile and durable signature capture system with integrated electronic display. The touch-sensitive LCD screen shows "electronic ink" at the tip of the built-in stylus pen in real time as a customer signs, for an easy, natural signature experience.

Purchase signature capture pad and ASC version 12.5Requires ASC Version 12.5 and an account with Evo Merchant Services. Only $349.00 with purchase of, or upgrade to ASC 12.5.

Improved authentication for subscription users

We've improved our authentication process! In the unlikely event that our web server goes down, or your internet connection is lost, precautions are now built into Auto Shop Controller to account for these rare and inconvenient situations. We've also enhanced the subscription log-in screen:

New ASC 12.5 subscription login screen

ASC is compatible with ASC 12.5 is now compatible with Windows 8

Auto Shop Controller now offers full compatibility with the latest Microsoft Windows operating system, Windows 8 and 8.1. ASC is also compatible with previous versions of Windows XP, Vista and Seven, in a 32 or 64 bit computer. 

ASC now offers full SSL E-mail support

Previous versions of Auto Shop Controller have always had the ability to send emails through critical sections of the software, but if your shop was using an email service with Secure Socket Layers such as Gmail or Hotmail, etc. your email would not go through.

In version 12.5 We have enhanced our Email relay service to now support these types of SSL Email setups. So now there'll be nothing preventing you from more effectively communicating with your contacts directly through our point-of-sale software.

Fast, simple, and painless upgrade process

All users running Auto Shop Controller Desktop Edition Version 12 can receive and install the 12.5 upgrade within minutes. If your repair shop is eligible for a free upgrade to v12.5 it will be installed via an online update. All shops using version 11 or earlier will have to install this upgrade just as you would with any other software package.

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Previous versions of ASC are still available

We still offer limited support for a selection of older versions of our popular auto repair shop software. For futher details on previous version of ASC, select a release number below.


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